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Part Number: 7200-20 UPC: 045242362363 Weight: 10.195





• All magnesium housing

• Ability to drive 3-1/2" Nails

• Reload indicator prevents missing fasteners in nailing pattern

• Easy selection between sequential and bump fire modes

• Self cleaning air filter keeps tool clean from jobsite contamination

• Tool Free depth adjustment

• Adjustable rafter hook


• Nail Size: 2"-3.5" full round head plastic collated nails diameter .113" - .148"

• Capacity: 20 - 22 degree full round head plastic collated nails

• Length: 14in

• Height: 21in

• Width: 4.75in

• Weight: 7.4lb

Utilizing an all magnesium housing, Milwaukee’s 3-1/2” Full Round Head Framing nailer loads 20-22° full round head plastic collated nails 2” to 3-1/2” in length diameters .113” to .148”. Its easy select trigger lets you move quickly from single nail placement to contact actuation for maximum control and application versatility. The easy read and tool free depth of drive lets you quickly adjust the depth setting without having to reset the airline pressure. The self-cleaning air filter extends life and prevents dirt and debris from entering the tool. The adjustable air deflector with muffler directs exhaust away from the work area. A reload indicator lets you reload before firing blanks. The rear-loading magazine with bypass pusher allows smooth and fast reloads. The adjustable rafter hook allows for hanging of the tool in multiple positions and his removable.

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