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Part Number: 6294721 UPC: 731325379365 Weight: 18.5



• Easily swing the lathe tailstock down and store it out of the way

• Quickly locks to the lathe bed with a few turns of the handle

• Does not interfere with bed extension mounted in lower position

• Fits Powermatic 3520, 3520A, 3520B, and 2020 lathes

• Please note, the Tailstock Swing Away cannot be mounted to the end of a bed extension

Here is the ultimate alternative to wrestling with a heavy tailstock when you need it out of the way. With the Powermatic Tailstock Swing Away, you just gently slide your tailstock onto the swing away, lock it down, unlock the swing away, and gently ease your tailstock out of the way, with a small fraction of the force needed to lift it the old fashioned way. This robust swing away is designed to fit Powermatic 3520, 3520A, 3520B, and 2020 lathes.

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